Managed IT

IT management service, which includes monitoring, support/troubleshooting, maintenance, reporting and asset management.

Services Overview

Proactive IT Service

Health and performance of hardware and operating systems is critical. We guarantee proper performance of your environment via strict SLAs.

Full Patch Managment

We will keep up with updates and enhancements to the products you have already implemented within your IT infrastructure. Management of these updates will help protect you from any potential vulnerabilities. We will work with your organization to schedule outages (at any time of day) to install the tested and approved patches to the managed environment.

Inventory & Warranty

A key aspect of any IT management service includes the provision of real-time information feeds, system statistics and inventory/warranty lifecycle management.


Fixed Monthly Cost

The pricing structure of our IT management service is based on a fixed monthly rate per device, server, network or cloud service(s). Our flexible cost model is calculated based on your device count. You can add or remove as devices as needed. Alternatively, OSI can act as your internal IT department and be responsive to user IT support needs on a set monthly schedule.


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